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The movement Fence for Life is a public and civilian movement free of association with one or the other sector of the political map. Members hail from the full political spectrum: centre, left and right. This movement gave birth to the concept of the security fence, which is now being implemented, and since June 2001 is campaigning for the erection of a complete and hermetically sealed fence without delay. The political future of Judea and Samaria should have no bearing on the fences construction, which must stretch between the Palestinian and the Israeli population centres to prevent the terrible attacks inflicted upon the state of Israels civilians by the Arabs of Judea and Samaria.

The struggles of the movement for the erection of the security fence include many protestation events, rallies, conventions, and media debates, lobbying at the parliament and judicial spars. The movement will not support any particular route for the security fence, out of the belief that the route is best left to the government to decide and that politicization of the fence by various parties only stalls the erection of the fence and might even cause its abortion.

In June 2003 the movement Fence for Life established the public council Security Fence for Israel.

Fence for Life shall bear the banner in the public effort to erect a security fence until its completion.

The Price We Pay

Fence for Life the public movement for the security fence
p.o. 29268 tel aviv 61292 Israel; email:hagaderisrael@gmail.com
Office: 97235757240, Cell: 972-54-540608, Fax: 97235757241
The bloody cost:
Number murdered since the start of the Intafada:
Number of Terrorists who breached the fence, Gaza strip: 0
All except 2 of the suicide attacks in Israel were by terrorists from the West Bank.

the story of the security fence
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