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Public Pickups is a porno site from MOFOS where they take their camera to the streets looking for some trouble! The kind of trouble they want is beautiful babes freaking for the camera for the first time. Sound like the best kind of recipe for cooking up some sexual-pleasure and fun times!

The videos on this site feature some amazing looking gals. These gals look so good walking down the street that we just wanted to relocate to where they were filming and live there! But for those who can’t relocate, well, at least we have this site!

And even if they are still new and don’t have lots of material, they still have something that you can watch. The material mostly develops this way. A gal is walking doing her thing, out comes a dude with cash and camera, soon clothes disappear, and scenes develop into hardcore sex sessions. There is oral and pussy penetration inside.

Streaming is something you can do on this site. You can also download. The videos are HD mode. There is even a mobile format available for those who want that.

Whatever they are doing with the speeds of the server please don’t every stop! The speeds with which you can stream and download are fantastic. The hardcore sex will be yours to watch in minutes and you will see lots of exhibitionist taking it to the hardcore-next-level!

The Public Pickups discount site is good but it clearly has a couple of big drawbacks. The first one is the amount of material you get. They have something like 12+ movies and screencaps. They have said that they are going to beef up soon with more weekly submissions and updates, so, we are all waiting!

You will have to settle for screencaps since there are no real pictures inside. The scenes inside are shot in Europe and thus there is the whole “no English” thing happening inside. You will have to read the subtitles to get the gist of what’s happening so be prepared.

Regardless of all the above issues, it’s still very early for these guys. They are growing and with HD submission they have given so far, good things lie ahead! If they buckle down and stick to weekly additions, the numbers inside will begin to swell.

The sex and the way it happens for these public-sex-exhibitionists looks fun and engaging. The gals look sexy and real. So if you feel like this is one niche you want to explore, well, there is Public Pickups!

Viv Thomas

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Viv Thomas loves two things, 1) glamour gals and 2) adult photography. Combining these two loves and the fact that she had managed to become a professional photographer, she has carved out a name for himself in the industry.

Now, is the place you can come to see his work. It’s his official site. With your membership pass, you will be able to have unlimited access to this site. You will see the exclusive picture shoots, videos, sexy models and so much more. Let’s get to it then!

The first thing about VIV is that she has been busy on his site! She has managed to gather some 1456+ films and well over 2700 picture galleries. He also has full-length movies on his site so membership here is definitely worthwhile since you will have material to watch.

The pictures and movies come in different sizes depending on the resolution quality. The big picture files are high res while there are films with 720p res quality inside which is HD.

You will have flv, windows media, mp4, and other file formats. As for the updating schedule, you will receive a movie or pic sets a number of times during the week.

Viv was a pioneer back in the days when she was fighting to establish himself as a serious player in the adult industry. She has worked with so many stars and amateurs and super good-looking gals over the years. All this accumulated wisdom experience and collection of succulent material is on his official site.

There is a way that this producer has when it comes to adult material. She definitely has the eye for beauty and quality and all this is clear on his site when you sample the material.

We all know she has that thing for legs, not just legs, hot legs! The material inside also pays homage to the beautiful physique of sexy models with solo, gal-gal, hardcore and orgy sex sessions sprinkled all over the site. The sexy models are everywhere inside this site so don’t worry about that!

The user interface is not a letdown either with the presentation coming clean and neat. There are section for films and pics. There are nice category/niches, which you can select. The model index or directory is fully equipped with a search function. The content is organized nicely so that you don’t have to waste time looking for stuff. You just click, material comes, and your jizz flows after that! Simple!

With such a great Viv Thomas discount price, only a hater of quality, sexy, hardcore, beautiful, and professional porno would not grab that membership deal right now! We know you like these things so how about some Viv Thomas, you will not regret it!

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